[Moon-Net] FUNCUBE and MAP65 experience

Jan Kappert pa0ply at pa0ply.nl
Tue Nov 22 11:22:08 CET 2016

Hello Lunatics,

Last weekend I really enjoyed the population on 432Mhz, great.
Unfortunately I was not able to participate, but for sure next time.

Next to my TS2000X setup I use a FUNCUBE and MAP65 to survey the band.
Altough many has good experience with MAP-65, I have my doubts in this case.
The FUNCUBE is on a splitter behind the pre-amp, while the other line is connected to the TS2KX.
Even HB9Q who was decoded -16dB did not gave me a decode in MAP-65.

Is there anyone who uses a similar set-up with a FUNCUBE to exchange experiences?



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