[Moon-Net] 3CX1500A7 (8877) or 3CPX1500A7 ?

F5HRY f5hry at wanadoo.fr
Mon Nov 21 22:18:45 CET 2016


I am using several 3CPX1500 (pulse version off the 3CX1500) on various 
amps with no pb.
It is even more rough than the usual 8877 !

As far as I remember, you just have to change a bit the heater voltage. 
Will try to find out
in my notes if you wish.


Hervé F5HRY

Le 21/11/2016 à 20:49, Martin Andrew a écrit :
> Looking to get a spare tube as down to my last one now after a failure 
> in the old HPA.
> Heater failure yet again even with a good three stage heater 'step 
> start' fitted.
> Been looking for a 3CX1500A7 (8877) but they seem to be getting pretty 
> rare in the UK and also very expensive.
> So also looking at the 3CPX1500A7 which except for Anode voltage seems 
> pretty similar, and also much lower price.
> I know that the EHT supply I have will not go to much above 3.5KV so 
> wondering if the 3CPX1500 is happy with a much lower anode voltage 
> than the specified 10KV max.
> Before I look at ordering one (or should I stay with the 8877 ?) does 
> anyone know if the 3CPX is a 'near' direct replacement for the 3CX 
> series tube ?.
> Physical size is the same and looks like it will go easily to 200Mhz.
> Martin, GM6VXB
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