[Moon-Net] FLEX 1500 & MAP65

Bjorn SM7SJR sm7sjr at gmail.com
Mon Nov 21 21:26:59 CET 2016

Hi all,

I have not done any serious research in this matter. But I would like to 
have this oppurtunity as well. I am running Apache Labs ANAN-200DE with 
transverters from Kuhne for 2m, 70cm and 23cm. Since I have seperate 
tranverters and switch them to my Anan 200DE with 2 multi pole coax 
relais on the IF side, it would make a lot more sens if I can use the 
same audio feed to MAP65 than to use my Fun Cube Pro as a 2nd RX, (the 
FCD Pro is in a in a box somewhere).

However to my understanding (I am not a very smart person, so flaming is 
ok, *smile*) the IQ data that comes out of powersdr (or openhpsdr for 
that matter) does not have the correct data for MAP65 to use.

I do use the Anan 200 with Virtual Audio Cables and I get for instance 
one audio channel to WSJT, JT65HF, or what ever program I want to use. 
And I can use IQ on the next VAC from openhpsdr and via for instance 
DDutils feed it to CW Skimmer, that works fine,   here is a few words on 
it:  http://www.sm7sjr.se/?page_id=983   . But as I said before that 
data cannot directly be used by MAP65 (I think, but if someone else says 
I am wrong I stand corrected).

Sorry to say I have not used linrad more than just started it up, so I 
have no idea if that is a viable route to go.

Since I started to use these "pure" SDR rigs I must say I will never use 
"ordinary rigs" again unless I for some reason must shake my old TS2000 
to life again. I have one Anan 200DE and one Anan10 in service.

73 de SM7SJR, Bjorn

D.S  I wanna go this route, because I like to go "my way". I do not care 
at all if someone tells me not to, I am stubbern as **** and I am going 
my way anyway.

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