[Moon-Net] FLEX 1500 & MAP65

Zdenek SAMEK-OK1DFC ok1dfc at seznam.cz
Mon Nov 21 20:47:54 CET 2016

WHY always normal question open this stupid FLAME WAR ????? If you do not 
like it, do not do it. If you like it, do it, that is ALL. I have to buy 
again new keyboard due to damaging of my DELETE button.

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"​I dont do ESP QSO`s i prefere to hear the station."

And can you also copy rtty in your head as well??


On Mon, Nov 21, 2016 at 2:22 PM, Alex Artieda <hb9dri at emeham.com
(mailto:hb9dri at emeham.com)> wrote:

What is fun for somebody maybe is not fun for other ones, "Live and let 
live" a lesson of live ignored by someone's!!


Cowles, go for MAP65, and for SSB and CW if you like, just do it!!


Just my two cents


73 de Alex, ZS6EME




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with the Flex you will se all signals on the spectrum   why do you need map
65?  to see the calls printed on screen?

Its more fun to try to find the calls by your self.

Using Flex5000A   and Kenwood Ts2000x plus sdrIQ

/Lars SM4IVE   


Den 2016-11-21 kl. 19:35, skrev Cowles Andrus III K4EME:

I want to thank VE4MA, W2HRO, KC4SW and everyone else who responded to my 
email about using the FLEX 1500 with MAP 65.

It appears at this time no one has been able to get theses two to play 
together, so I don't plan to buy the FLEX 1500.

Some have recommended the Elecraft K3S!

The K3S would cost considerable more than the FLEX 1500, so I may put the K3
S on my wish list!

Thank you & 73!

Cowles K4EME

Home page: http://cowlesradio.webs.com/(http://cowlesradio.webs.com/)

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I dont do ESP QSO`s i prefere to hear the station.<u></u><u></u>

CW is still King!!!!<u></u><u></u>

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