[Moon-Net] FLEX 1500 & MAP65

Ken Arck ken at arcomcontrollers.com
Mon Nov 21 20:11:51 CET 2016

I too had a Flex 1500, DEMI xvtr and Map65 (as well as WSJT). I was 
never really able to get the combination to work properly with MAP65 
(nor WSJT for that matter) and I sold off the Flex. On the other 
hand, I use a Funcube Pro+ with MAP65 (via Linrad) and that works great.

I now use a K3s with the DEMI xvtr with WSJT (and starting to play 
with WSJX) and they work fine. BUT I also simultaneously run MAP65 
with the FCD+ so I have 2 methods of receiving EME signals and this 
works out great for me (worked XV4F, XV4Z and BA4SI this past weekend 
using this setup)

I HIGHLY recommend the K3S (which is also a KILLER radio on 6 meters!)


At 10:35 AM 11/21/2016, Cowles Andrus III K4EME wrote:

>I want to thank VE4MA, W2HRO, KC4SW and everyone else who responded 
>to my email about using the FLEX 1500 with MAP 65.
>It appears at this time no one has been able to get theses two to 
>play together, so I don't plan to buy the FLEX 1500.
>Some have recommended the Elecraft K3S!
>The K3S would cost considerable more than the FLEX 1500, so I may 
>put the K3S on my wish list!
>Thank you & 73!
>Cowles K4EME
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