[Moon-Net] Are 73s needed for a "valid" contact?

David Kerl n9hfontheair at gmail.com
Mon Nov 21 16:52:11 CET 2016

Hell no its not required!!
Listen to ANY dxpedition. They don't have time for that.


On Mon, Nov 21, 2016 at 10:40 AM, Marshall-K5QE <k5qe at k5qe.com> wrote:

> Hi Paul and others.....Your post says, "ARRL says no".  I believe that is
> correct, but I would like to find that in their rules or get a ruling from
> the Contest Director, Bart-W9JJ.  I certainly don't want anyone to be
> sanctioned or disqualified because of something like this that is not
> perfectly clear to everyone.....it is also in conflict with "normal"
> practice that we do every day.
> Actually, I would like to be allowed to post a "thank you" as we normally
> do......even during the contests.  This might have to be an exception.  It
> would put the contests in line with normal practice for casual operating
> and with working DXpeditions.  Allowing this as an exception(or a specific
> rule change-whatever) would not entangle an operator who predominantly
> operates in the casual style.
> Whatever, we need a careful ruling on what we can and cannot do....
> I hope that everyone had a good time and made lots of contacts in the
> contest.....
> 73 Marshall K5QE
> On 11/20/2016 9:51 PM, Paul Andrews wrote:
> Stephen,  The obvious difference is that sending 73 via JT65 consumes a
> full 60 seconds.  With voice (SSB/FM) a full ARRL valid QSO exchange
> including "TNX 73" will take less than 15 seconds.  During normal EME QSOs
> I enjoy the slow pace of 60 second periods.  I do my logging during 4
> minutes of RO/RRR/73/73.  During a contest waiting for 73 is unnecessary.
> The question becomes can you send 73 via the logger.  ARRL says no.
> 73 - Paul - W2HRO
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