[Moon-Net] Are 73s needed for a "valid" contact?

Marshall-K5QE k5qe at k5qe.com
Mon Nov 21 16:40:46 CET 2016

Hi Paul and others.....Your post says, "ARRL says no".  I believe that 
is correct, but I would like to find that in their rules or get a ruling 
from the Contest Director, Bart-W9JJ. I certainly don't want anyone to 
be sanctioned or disqualified because of something like this that is not 
perfectly clear to everyone.....it is also in conflict with "normal" 
practice that we do every day.

Actually, I would like to be allowed to post a "thank you" as we 
normally do......even during the contests.  This might have to be an 
exception.  It would put the contests in line with normal practice for 
casual operating and with working DXpeditions. Allowing this as an 
exception(or a specific rule change-whatever) would not entangle an 
operator who predominantly operates in the casual style.

Whatever, we need a careful ruling on what we can and cannot do....

I hope that everyone had a good time and made lots of contacts in the 

73 Marshall K5QE

On 11/20/2016 9:51 PM, Paul Andrews wrote:
> Stephen,  The obvious difference is that sending 73 via JT65 consumes 
> a full 60 seconds.  With voice (SSB/FM) a full ARRL valid QSO exchange 
> including "TNX 73" will take less than 15 seconds.  During normal EME 
> QSOs I enjoy the slow pace of 60 second periods.  I do my logging 
> during 4 minutes of RO/RRR/73/73.  During a contest waiting for 73 is 
> unnecessary. The question becomes can you send 73 via the logger.  
> ARRL says no.
> 73 - Paul - W2HRO

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