[Moon-Net] DISH SIZE FOR 1296

serge ve1kg at eastlink.ca
Mon Nov 21 15:53:19 CET 2016

Thank you Peter G3LTF, VE4MA & many others. I enjoy 2M but my array is 22ft /7.5M high & this summer I did go up many times to fix some of the problems i had. I am 80 years old & it showed so this would be a back up plan for me.
I need a Dish i can handle myself & 2.4 or 2.5M is probably the answer. I will be looking for one.
Living in NS Canada is not the center of the world & no one but me within 1300km is on EME so you have to be self sufficient to some extend. Thank God for moonet.
Thank you again
Serge VE1KG
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  Hi Serge, In the contest I worked, CW, completely random (I did not have HB9Q on at all) Alex UA3TCF who has 2m dish and 200-250W. I saw his trace on the SDR, listened carefully and the QSO took about 15-20 minutes. I regularly work G4BAO with his 1.9m dish and the same power. A 2.4,m dish will get you lots of QSOs on CW and of course many more on JT.
  73 Peter G3LTF 

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  For some of you that actually are operating on 1296 could tell me the minimum size for a prime focus dish or offset dish to operate on CW? after you have worked the big guys?? Would anything less than 10 FT/3M be worst looking at or not??.
  Thank you
  Serge VE1KG

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