[Moon-Net] NO 73s for a "valid" contact!

Lars Pettersson sm4ive at telia.com
Mon Nov 21 11:54:40 CET 2016


IT has NEVER been a need for 73 for a complete QSO

a qso goes like this. in Ms or EME or what ever mode

PA5Y de SM4IVE   K

SM4IVE de PA5Y  OOO    (could be rst)




QSO Comkplete end discusion

73 are sent as a courtesy    But absolute not needed for a Complete QSO  
END OF Story.

So if i want to thanks some one on any media after above was done with 
73 and thanks for QSO  i dont see whats wrong with that.

Its much worse when stations send report on logger during QSO thats 
absolute not allowed.

73 De Lars SM4IVE

QRV on EME since stonedge

Den 2016-11-21 kl. 11:23, skrev PA2V:
> Conrad, and others,
> IF 73’s are needed for a complete contact, most DX-pedition QSO’s are 
> invalid, and quite some in the past with CW too.
> Under difficult conditions, during piles and contest one don’t spoil 
> time in the unnecessary 73’s.
> I like to finish a contact with 73, but if it is clear to me that we 
> have all details on both sides I count it as a valid QSO.
> On HF with the many contests you will seldom hear a 73 in phone nor CW.
> So simple is it!
> 73, Peter PA2V
> (Still very happy with my E44CM 432MHz EME QSO)
> *Van:*Conrad PA5Y [mailto:g0ruz at g0ruz.com]
> *Verzonden:* maandag 21 november 2016 10:51
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> *Onderwerp:* Re: [Moon-Net] Are 73s needed for a "valid" contact?
> Well actually the thread has been somewhat hijacked. The original 
> poster asked if 73 was required for a complete QSO.
> The emphatic answer is NO this is well documented and not really 
> worthy of further debate.
> I then gave a few examples of real world EME behaviour to help 
> illustrate how things work along with a message to listen and observe 
> and figure it out for oneself.
> On the subject of the logger and its use in the contest if 73 is not 
> required for a QSO then passing thankyou messages after a contact is 
> logged is irrelevant.
> The only competitive advantage that I gained by using the logger 
> during the contest was for allowed frequency announcements and as an 
> aid to staying awake!
> I will take these issues up with the ARRL privately before submitting 
> my logs. If I am disqualified for sending tnx wishes on the logger 
> AFTER a qso is logged then so be it.
> I did the contest to see what my station is capable of, I have 
> answered that to my own satisfaction.
> Final score 206 x 84 = 1730400
> Regards
> Conrad PA5Y
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I dont do ESP QSO`s i prefere to hear the station.
CW is still King!!!!

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