[Moon-Net] G3LTF weekend results

Dale Parfitt parinc1 at frontier.com
Sun Nov 20 23:49:11 CET 2016

So nice to hear your loud signal off the moon again Peter. I worked 26
total- all on the second weekend in 3 hours total. Lots more heard, but
could not stay awake.

Sure enjoying have the dish back up  and planning its expansion in the



Dale W4OP


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I added 16 more (total 67)  on 23cm on the first pass. OK1DFC, IZ1AEM #,
SP2HMR, W4AF, F5HRY, G4YTL and VE4SA. CWNR were JA4LJB and DJ3JJ. Heard in
QSO were NA4N, DK3WG, RA3AUB, never found their CQs. Someone with a call
ending in ? LAT? called but didnt try for long enough. When the libration is
bad it often takes 4 or more tries to get it confidently correct.  The wx
worsened on Saturday evening as forecast with wind and heavy rain and I had
just one 432 QSO with OK1DFC ( total 24) before I had to stow the dish at
2300. I thought the 432 rx  system had failed as signals were very weak and
when I switched the preamp to a load the noise went DOWN by 3dB ( normally
goes up by ~5dB) After stripping it all down today, measuring NF and relay
loss, and finding no faults I suddenly realised... it was static rain!

Thanks to all for the nice random CW QSOs, most had an element of chat in
them even if only an exchange of names. 

Happy to run tests or skeds this week, wx permitting, any band 70, 23,13, 9
or 6cm.

73 Peter G3LTF 

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