[Moon-Net] The Alligator

Edward R Cole kl7uw at acsalaska.net
Sun Nov 20 23:21:04 CET 2016


Nice "gator", does he bite? how's he like Alberta snow's?

I guess running a 21.5 foot dish would hear very 
well, depending on your feed and LNA.  QRM is a 
whole different problem;  I even have it when 
doing JT65 on 2m due to so many that want me for 
either WAS or DXCC (I'm the only KL7 "regularly" 
on 2m-eme so pile-ups occur with up to ten 
stations calling within a 100-Hz portion of the 
band).  Fortunately JT65 lets me narrow decoding bw down to 20-Hz which helps.

When I run CW-eme I typ. narrow my K3 DSP bw down 
to 100-Hz.  Of course ten stations calling in 
that narrow a band on CW would be futile to 
receive (I might isolated 2 or maybe 3 if not 
smack on the same freq.).  1296 Doppler seems to 
separate stations better.  Of course savy 
operators offset 100 or 200 Hz and snag the contacts quicker.

Congrats getting VA7MM.  I worked him on JT65c last November.

73, Ed - KL7UW

At 11:11 AM 11/20/2016, Skip Macaulay wrote:
>Hello everyone on the net, well I had a very 
>good time this weekend on 23CM.. So I guess I am 
>the "Alligator" for this weekend.. Sorry for not 
>being able to work all of you, especially the 
>weaker stations.. All I have for a receiver is a 
>old Kenwood TS-711 with no CW filters or DSP of 
>any kind in this radio.. I am using a Timewave 
>DSP-9 box in the audio which actually helps a 
>lot.. So when I get called by three or four weak 
>stations at once and then there is a pile up of 
>real strong signals beside the frequency I am 
>working, its almost impossible to dig the weaker 
>ones out of the jam up.. If I can get you alone 
>on a frequency I can usually work you.. Proof 
>last night is that I worked VA7MM for the first 
>time as I have never been able to hear him 
>before I installed the big dish here at my 
>QTH..  So if you look at my QRZ pix you can see 
>the pet alligator I am holding, I guess the name 
>fits, har har.. All in all had a very good 
>time... Skip " The Alligator".. Hi Hi
>Skip Macaulay
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73, Ed - KL7UW
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