[Moon-Net] DISH SIZE FOR 1296

Edward R Cole kl7uw at acsalaska.net
Sun Nov 20 23:40:10 CET 2016


You may have posted this before, but how much Tx power do you run in 
AZ?  I'm having little issues running 125w at the feed on my 4.9m 
dish, though eventually I will complete the other 150w amp to reach 
near 300w.  Now that snow has arrived maybe more workbench time??

But first I got the old VE1ALQ digital tracking system to fix so I 
can get back on 23cm.  G4DDK built me a new VLNA with N-male input 
connector I am wanting to compare to the old repaired one that has to 
use N/sma adapter between TR and LNA.  Hoping to see improved sun 
noise Y-factor.

Local neighborhood electronic noise is rendering 2m-eme less and less 
usable, though I worked 51 in ARRL Contest bettering last year by 
almost double numbers.  Now how to keep awake longer? ;-)

We may be traveling across from BC by RV next summer enroute to MI so 
might be in your MB neighborhood at some point.

73, Ed - KL7UW

At 12:37 PM 11/20/2016, Barry Malowanchuk wrote:
>In my Arizona winter locatjon I use a 1.5 m offset dish and have 
>worked 28 stations on 1296 cw and 21 on JT, which is certainly 
>easier, but which I have not chased. I have also used the same dish 
>for 1 cw contact on 902, and many more on 2.3, 3.4 & 5.7 GHz. I have 
>sent Serge separately information on my Arizona dish and K2UYH's 
>Small station EME talks. I know Serge would be surprised at 1296 
>signal levels.  Best 73,  Barry VE4MA
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>For some of you that actually are operating on 1296 could tell me 
>the minimum size for a prime focus dish or offset dish to operate on 
>CW? after you have worked the big guys?? Would anything less than 10 
>FT/3M be worst looking at or not??.
>Thank you
>Serge VE1KG
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