[Moon-Net] The Alligator

Skip Macaulay ve6bgt at gmail.com
Sun Nov 20 21:11:22 CET 2016

Hello everyone on the net, well I had a very good time this weekend on
23CM.. So I guess I am the "Alligator" for this weekend.. Sorry for not
being able to work all of you, especially the weaker stations.. All I have
for a receiver is a old Kenwood TS-711 with no CW filters or DSP of any
kind in this radio.. I am using a Timewave DSP-9 box in the audio which
actually helps a lot.. So when I get called by three or four weak stations
at once and then there is a pile up of real strong signals beside the
frequency I am working, its almost impossible to dig the weaker ones out of
the jam up.. If I can get you alone on a frequency I can usually work you..
Proof last night is that I worked VA7MM for the first time as I have never
been able to hear him before I installed the big dish here at my QTH..  So
if you look at my QRZ pix you can see the pet alligator I am holding, I
guess the name fits, har har.. All in all had a very good time... Skip "
The Alligator".. Hi Hi

Skip Macaulay
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