[Moon-Net] Funcube Pro Plus on 1296Mhz

Les Listwa llistwa at gmail.com
Sun Nov 20 20:34:27 CET 2016

As a somewhat related response to how big of a dish is needed on 1296,
attached is a link to a screen shot I took of the digital portion of the
23cm band this weekend on a Funcube Dongle and my 7 foot dish with a WA5AGO
preamp.   In the course of a few minutes it decoded 7 stations.   I run
Map-65  via the Dongle and WSJT from my TS-2000X  and find that sensitivity
and decoding about the same and have worked stations down to -29db. In this
image you can see stations ranging from -7db to -21db.


 I have been able to work via JT down to a 2m dish  but usually 3M is the
minimum.  For CW , I seem to need larger then 3M or the copy is to
difficult. I struggle with even 4.7M and the ON0EME beacon is just

During my short moon window ( due to trees and houses) over this weekend,
I was easily able to copy over 2 dozen or more stations but was only able
to work 12, as they could not find me, I suspect do to the complications of
Doppler shift  ( running 250W), but with the Funcube Dongle and Map-65, it
didnt matter where they called me as I was able to find and decode them.

So Serge, If you are thinking about 1296,  whatever you decide for a dish,
make sure you use an SDR.

Its amazing what a inexpensive SDR dongle can do on 1296 !!!

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