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 <http://www.b4h.net/cabforms/> http://www.b4h.net/cabforms/  do not have
any EME contest forms.

Cabrillo file generated by UcxLog doesn't recognized  by
http://contest-log-submission.arrl.org/   - WRONG Contest name ARRL-EME


I do something wrong ???



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Hi to all---there was LOTS of activity for the three ARRL EME weekends. I
know that many of you will submit your logs, and I want to encourage ALL of
you to PLEASE submit your Cabrillo format logs electronically to
<mailto:EMEContest at arrl.org> EMEContest at arrl.org    or on paper with a
summary sheet to 

ARRL Contest Branch
225 Main St
Newington, CT 06111  USA
They must be postmarked within 30 days after the end of the contest. See
below for other electronic formats. 

The more activity we show to ARRL, the greater the attention to our feedback
on the rules and pictures and space in QST.  

Also, if any of you have a little story, unique contacts, or pictures to
send to me for potential publication in QST, please forward them. 

TNX in advance, Rick, K1DS

The Subject of the e-mail must contain ONLY the participant's call sign,
such as: SUBJECT: W1HQ (Don't use the example, please use your own call

Do not include anything other than your call sign in the subject line of
your email, such as contest name or category, the file extension of the log

Text-based Cabrillo-formatted log files ending with .log, .txt or.cbr are
the only file types accepted.

Your log file should ONLY contain your call sign and the file type
(examples: W1AW.log, W1AW.txt or W1AW.cbr). Do not add anything else.

A file with anything other than the callsign in the name will cause your
entry to be returned.

If your logging program does not output the required Cabrillo format or if
you log by hand, you may enter your data via
<http://www.b4h.net/cabforms/> http://www.b4h.net/cabforms/ and select the
event of interest. You can input your log data which will be converted to a
Cabrillo formatted log for you (it will generate a log and return it to
you), and then you can in turn submit your Cabrillo log via email or web
app.These applets allow you to input all of the required information for
each contest -- both summary sheet information and individual QSO
information. Once the data entry is finished, the applet will then submit
the entry and supply you with a confirmation. It will also send an e-mail
copy to you for your records. Web applet submissions must be completed no
later than the published log deadline of the contest.To use our web app to
submit your Cabrillo format log, go to
http://contest-log-submission.arrl.org/  While ARRL encourages you to
convert paper logs electronically using the  <http://b4h.net/cabforms/> web
applet, they still accept hand written paper logs.  A paper submission must
use an up-to-date summary sheet. Paper logs of 200 QSOs or more must include
a dupe sheet -- an alphanumeric list of stations (call signs) worked,
separated by band.




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