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My thought..


The onboard video card uses shared memory, If you have enough it will be no
problem my guess. 


I have a bunch DELL optiplex 780 machines which have the same setup, VGA and
a display port. However I bought some NVS290 dual VGA cards.  They are very
cheap and have diver support up to windows 10.  You can find them for less
than 10 dollar including splitter cable on Epay. The NVS290 is not a super
card, but for normal desktop work it does the job. It is without cooling fan
so silient. These cards are worldwide in use in millions of computers. 


73! John PA5MS


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Hi all

I've been running dual monitors on my "ham" computer (HP Compaq 6005 Pro
Busines with an Athlon XII , 64 bit, 3 gHz), which is used mostly for JT65B
work on 2 meter EME. I run both WSJT and MAP65 simultaneously, as well as
tracking program, Linrad, Firefox, Spectran and an SDR radio (FCD+). 

I've been running a 2nd monitor via a USB port and a J5Create USB > DVI
adapter (the 1st monitor is a VGA) and it's fine. HOWEVER, I noticed that
computer has both a VGA and DisplayPort output on its video card (a very
standard ATI Radeon) and I was thinking if I use the DisplayPort output,
along with an adapter to my 2nd DVI monitor, I could free up some processor
resources by not using a USB port (already using them for various other



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