[Moon-Net] A little OT: Dual monitors

Ken Arck ken at arcomcontrollers.com
Sun Nov 20 00:58:03 CET 2016

Hi all

I've been running dual monitors on my "ham" computer (HP Compaq 6005 
Pro Busines with an Athlon XII , 64 bit, 3 gHz), which is used mostly 
for JT65B work on 2 meter EME. I run both WSJT and MAP65 
simultaneously, as well as tracking program, Linrad, Firefox, 
Spectran and an SDR radio (FCD+).

I've been running a 2nd monitor via a USB port and a J5Create USB > 
DVI adapter (the 1st monitor is a VGA) and it's fine. HOWEVER, I 
noticed that computer has both a VGA and DisplayPort output on its 
video card (a very standard ATI Radeon) and I was thinking if I use 
the DisplayPort output, along with an adapter to my 2nd DVI monitor, 
I could free up some processor resources by not using a USB port 
(already using them for various other things)



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