[Moon-Net] N5BF 23 cm status 11/19/16

Courtney Duncan courtney.duncan.n5bf at gmail.com
Sat Nov 19 19:50:47 CET 2016

I’m doing about as well as the October Saturday at this point with 10 new stations and 6 multipliers.  (current totals 32/23)  23 cm only.

Note to everyone posting your availability:  I know it’s obvious to you what band(s) you are on, but mention it somewhere in your note so the unacquainted reader can also know.

Worked VK-JA-KL7 during brief opportunities this morning in spite of my view to the west being very limited.  This is good.

Sunday operating plan is 0730 - 1530 and 1745 - 1845 UTC.

Stations I can work that I’m still looking for (at their announced times and places or otherwise):  F5KUG, K4EME, OK2KKW, LA3EQ, VE4MA, VE6BGT, LZ2US, NC1I.

My overlap with any VK - ZL - JA - Asia is only about 1400-1530 and 1745-1845 Z.

I plan to be calling CQ on 1296.060 (plus or minus other stations) in those periods.  1st period, listen Doppler.

73 and good luck to all!  Courtney, N5BF

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