[Moon-Net] NC1I Activity for Sunday

Frank Potts NC1I EME at NC1I.COM
Sat Nov 19 19:07:52 CET 2016

I was joined last night by Pete K9PW and we spent just a couple of hours on
432 & 1296. My 432 station was obviously working but it was not at 100%.
Today we finally repaired the polarity rotation system! We also removed the
backup preamp and replaced it with my primary preamp which has a MUCH better
NF. That should have the 432 station back to 100% performance.

I plan on being on 432 tonight starting shortly after my moonrise around
0300. I will try and stay on as long as there is activity. I will also make
it a point to be on 432 around moonset in Europe hoping to add stations that
do not have elevation.

The 432 amp has been popping fuses on occasion and I have not figured that
problem out yet. If that occurs I will disappear for about 10 minutes and
then return.

At this point my intent is to focus on 432 but I may get on 1296 for a short

I should also note that we are expecting a rain/snow mix tonight with high
winds so that could interfere with my planned activities.

Frank   NC1I

432:     48 x 15 element yagis with polarity rotation,    .14 dB NF cavity
preamp.    1500 watts (8938)

1296:  4.5 meter dish,   G4DDK .21 dB NF preamp,  KL6M Septum feed,  1500
watts (Kuhne)

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