[Moon-Net] EME Contest

Edward R Cole kl7uw at acsalaska.net
Sat Nov 19 18:59:22 CET 2016

Good results for 2nd WE.  2m-eme only got started at 0746utc a little 
later than MR (0630) but began calling on 144.116 CQ.  Worked 16 more 
stations in roughly six hours.  I did try calling some stations in 
lull periods but that is so inefficient waiting up to 45 minutes till 
called station works thru there list.  At least two very strong 
stations ignored my calling (???) so that was total wasted time.

Unfortunately at 1330utc (5:30Am) I fell asleep for two hours, so 
missed JA/VK/ZL window.  At 1600utc local noise came on rendering 
further eme operation moot so I quit.  I have a local 2m-SSB Net 
starting now (1900) and will check activity afterward if noise 
allows.  Plan to QRV 2100.

73, Ed - KL7UW

At 01:07 PM 11/18/2016, Edward R Cole wrote:
>Looking doubtful for 23cm this weekend.  Deep into troubleshooting
>the digital tracking indicator and resoldering contacts.  LED arrays
>start up and fade away let full dc voltage is there.  Good chance I
>will have to rebuild the driver/display boards to eliminate
>unreliable wire-wrap.  And winds are kicking above 20 mph (32kph)
>which is too high to hold dish on point at 1296.
>MR is 0630utc Saturday (10:30pm local time Friday) so I will try
>2m-eme (not using logger) and calling CQ 1st 144.116 with 4x XP20 + 1300w+.
>Had some noise issues with the Hpol preamp last time I ran so might
>only receive Vpol (I can transmit either).  So if you have H/V pol
>you might take into consideration that I might not be able to switch
>pol on Rx (normally run adaptive receive with MAP65).
>I will run as long as I can stay awake Saturday.  I have to QRT from
>1900-2000utc to run local 2m-SSB net.  Probably take a break after
>that until near MS when EU is again visible (2100-2230utc).  MR
>Sunday is 0800utc (11pm).
>73, Ed - KL7UW
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