[Moon-Net] Feed TX-RX connections 23cm

Barry Malowanchuk ve4ma at shaw.ca
Fri Nov 18 03:42:55 CET 2016

If this is the screw polarizer version? then with the ports at 10 oclock and 2 pm, the 10 am position is RX and 2 pm is TX

Barry VE4MA

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Subject: [Moon-Net] Feed TX-RX connections 23cm

Trying to see if I can improve my signal on 23cm a bit with the summer sticking 
around for another day.

Wondering what are the correct ports for RX and TX on a VE4MA feed (standard round 
feed with ring). I looked online at some pics and they seem to be all different. 
Looking from back of feed, some have connections on top, others on bottom .... RX 
on right or left same with TX.

Is there a right way??

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