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Bob Atkins ka1gt at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 17 01:34:11 CET 2016

Here's a summery of the EME survey I posted a couple of weeks ago. With only 58 responses, small differences in the number of  replies to a given option have little significance.

Of the respondents, 67% had EME capability on 2m, about 40% had 432 and 40% had 1296.  Around 10-15% of stations had capability on 13,9,6 and 3cm. Only a couple of sations were active on each of  24Ghz, 33cm and 1.25m. Interestingly almost 25% of the replies indicated 6m eme capability. 2 out of the 58 replies indicated 10m EME capability.

About 50% of the respondents had fully automatic moon tracking and 40% had motorized tracking which was manually controlled and the rest manually moved the antenna or had no television tracking (6m)

On both 2m and 70cm, about 1/3 of stations active had polatization control.  I didn't survey higher bands because operation there tends to use circular polarization, but that's very rare on 2m and 70cm.

About 50% of stations primarily use JT65 digital, but would be willing to try CW. 20% were "Digital Only" with no CW interest/capability , 17% regularly used both CW and Digital.  About 10% of stations were CW only, evenly split between  regarding Digial as "invalid" and not having any digital capability. 5% regularly use any mode including SSB.

So the results have no real surprises. 2m is the most popular band with the highest activity level.  In joint second place were 70cm and 23cm, both showing around half the activity seen on 2m.

There's an interesting comment on last month's EME contest activity in the latest edition of the 432 and up newsletter (ed. Al Katz K2UYH) which I'll quote here:

"You hear that "432 is over the hill as an EME band" but you cannot justify this statement by the high scores reported for the contest weekend. On 70 cm OH2PO leads the pack with a total of 79x39! DL9APV is close with 78 QSOs - (Bernd does not give his multiplier). On 1296 the picture is less clear where HB9Q reports 56 QSOs on JT and CW and OK1CA has 55 using only CW. Can 23 cm activity be lower than 70 cm, and even less than the multi-band microwave (MW) contest totals? "

So it looks from all this that 70cm is still alive and kicking as far as EME activity goes, but with 23cm close (and maybe growing faster?). m
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