[Moon-Net] GPS timing for computers

Lance Collister, W7GJ w7gj at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 16 23:21:53 CET 2016

Hello Peter,

I almost never have any access to internet when I operate 6m EME from a rare DXCC.  
My laptop time is always set using GPS.  I use a Columbus V800 Data Logger on all my 
6m EME DXpeditions.  You can find them from a number of sources, although I bought 
mine on EBAY:


It plugs into a USB port on my laptop computer.  I use the BktTimeSync program to 
read the time signals and set my computer clock:


GL and VY 73, Lance

  On 11/16/2016 19:30, PETER HUTCHISON wrote:
> Have been racking my brain cell here and also looking back through the Moon-Net 
> archives for information on a stand-alone unit that you can plug into a computer 
> and that will lock the internal clock to a GPS signal. There was some 
> correspondence about these units sometime ago but I cannot find it.
> Can anyone remember what the module was called? I've done some internet searching 
> and I think that it was called a 'GlobalSat BU-353' but I cannot be certain.
> Can anyone confirm (or not) that this is the unit in question and if so does it 
> work well enough for EME purposes?
> Thanks, Peter G4URT
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