[Moon-Net] K3 with external transverter

Terry Price w8zn54 at verizon.net
Wed Nov 16 16:29:11 CET 2016

KXV3 should be in the ON setting in the menu.


You need to then go to the XV setup in the menu and enable say XV1, pick the frequency of the transverter, say 144, then the I.F. 28. Exit the menu. Then when you hit the band up button on the front and got past 6m, 144 will show up.




Terry – W8ZN


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I recently acquired a K3 and am comparing it to other radios I have on the shelf. I attached a down converter to the KXV3 IF input in an effort to try and see how it performed first as a downlink receiver for satellites. I find the K3 manual a bit confusing regarding the proper menu configuration. Their are 3 settings - not installed, on and Test. The manual seems to suggest that Test is the best option to activate the KXV3 for transverter use. When I selected "on" I didn't see to hear any signals using either the 2 m or 70 cm down converter. 


I know some of you are using the K3 for eme so I thought someone might clarify the proper setup.


Rick, W2JAZ

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