[Moon-Net] K3 with external transverter

Nando i1ndp.nando at gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 16:29:26 CET 2016

Hi Rick,
I am an happy EME K3 user and is not that difficult to configure an 
external transverter.
All you have to do is entering the configuration menu and define the 
following parameters under XV1 option.

XV1 ON : Yes
XV1 RF: input frequency of your down converter I.E. 1296 in ase of 23cm 
(just used to read the real frequency on the K3 display)
XV1 IF : 28 if down converting to 28Mhz
XV1 PWR: max power (in mW) to,eventually, drive a transverter
XV1 OFS: freq. offset you cal leave it to 0
XV1 ADR: trn1 to say external transverter (nr.1)

All you have to do now is select your transverter as an additional band
73,nando i1ndp

On 16.11.2016 15:58, Richard Lawn wrote:
> I know some of you are using the K3 for eme so I thought someone might 
> clarify the proper setup.

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