[Moon-Net] Geometric (Spatial) polarization calculator?

Rune Larsson sm5cui at telia.com
Wed Nov 16 13:55:40 CET 2016

Hi Bob and All,


Yesterday I was monitoring the signals from start of the DXpedition to E4
Palestine at loc. KM71ru.


The signals were pure vertical received here at my loc. JO89ww from moon
pass start to just before 22:00 UTC.

No Faraday rotation was observed during that time, and now the signals
turned over to H pol.

The Xped finished transmitting at 22:40 Z.


Below is a screenshot (from today) that shows the moon position yesterday
just before dPol started to change.

The detailed common moon list to the right shows the long time pass (almost
14 hours) with 30 min. interval.

With 10 min. interval I can see the polarity change well corresponds with
the calculated dPol. 


For information, the black squares on the world map are location of in
loggers at the N0UK logger in current time.


The MoonTracker sw can be downloaded at my web site:


73 de Rune / SM5CUI



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Ämne: [Moon-Net] Geometric (Spatial) polarization calculator?


Is there a program which will show the geometric (spatial) polarization
rotation between two stations and allow you to easily  go forward and
backward in time to see how it changes?  I know WSJT does the calculation at
the current time. EMECalc SkyMap allows you to scroll backwards and forwards
in time, but only shows moon data (alt/ez etc.) for the home station. I saw
a reference somewhere that said EMECalc displays spatial polarization, but
if it does I haven't found it.


The Astronomical Data window of WSJT does display the info but I don't see
any easy way to scroll backwards and forwards in time like you can in the
EMECalc Skymap.


What would be really nice would be a map of the world you could click on to
set your location and which would then calculate a contour (color coded?)
map showing spatial polarization across the hemisphere that could see the
moon - and shift backwards and forwards in time -  but that's almost
certainly wishing for too much!




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