[Moon-Net] Identity hack on N0Uk

Rick Muller rick.muller at asml.com
Wed Nov 16 10:02:27 CET 2016


It might be quite common these days to steal an identity and to start acting like you are that person.
Happened to me on EME-CHAT  last night 15 -November starting at 19:39  .
Somebody with IP adres   joined the N0UK chat with my callsign , my locator   added a -P- before my name ( Rick ). indeed a clear indication that he / she understands basic English words ..
Several messages with unconfirmed information about my mother ( indeed the standard " slang" )   not verified by the imposter because my mother died 11 years ago ..

I posted some dutch messages so that others could verify my true identity ..
The imposter replied several times in the same style ( leaving all the spaces out the text ) .. but google translate can not cleary handle such translations from dutch to English

So If you see "disturbing" messages from PA1BVM on the N0UK chat  please look at the IP adres..

73 Rick

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