[Moon-Net] Limit switches for dish

Owen, Michael Michael.Owen at saabusa.com
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Steve -

The whole idea of limit switches is to be fool-proof, absolutely 100% reliable.  The switches themselves are cheap; it's the weatherproof enclosures that are expensive.

If you want to build your own enclosure, I have a bunch of switches similar to these...

[cid:image001.png at 01D23F55.755C50C0]

Free for shipping


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I am looking for momentary dust-tight (lever style ) limit switches (microswitch type) rated at 5 - 10 amps DC.

The DC Voltage rating would be not important, since the open contacts would be shunted by diodes when the dish position reaches each az or elevation limit.

Searching Epay only comes up with expensive push-button/roller switches requiring much pressure to activate.

Any suggestions would be welcome!

Steve Bell KJ7OG


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