[Moon-Net] Appropriate Logger Usage

William McMaster william.mcmaster at gmail.com
Tue Nov 15 18:55:36 CET 2016

Hello all,

I hope to be QRV on 432 Mhz this contest weekend.  I will be RX ONLY
testing out my RX capabilities.  I will not be participating in the contest.

My system is a 4 x 19 DG7YBN GTV-70 array and a 0.3db NF 49db Gain LNA by
WA2ODO, fed by 6 meters of LMR-600 coax into a Yaesu FT-100. My array is
hand aimed at the moment, so the WX will need to cooperate so I can see the

I will be logged into the HB9Q logger, but want to make sure that I am
doing everything by the book.  So I have several questions.

1. Can I post to the logger decoded output from WSJT-10 (WITHOUT PROVIDING

eg.  002400 6 -23 2.5 223 23 * K1JT DL7UAE JO62 1 10

2. Does this violate any logger etiquette especially during the contest?
3. If it does violate common rules, what if any info can be posted to the
4. Is this helpful information to post to the logger, or should I just keep
that information to myself?

I will likely post to the mail-list any stations heard from my location, at
the end of the weekend.

With the previous intense conversations on Logger usage, I want to make
sure I am doing it correctly.

Thanks for any advice

Bill, VY2WM, FN86sc
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