[Moon-Net] Fortran error with Map65 any help

Joe Taylor joe at princeton.edu
Mon Nov 14 17:50:57 CET 2016

Hi John,

You haven't described how you are interfacing HDSDR to MAP65, so it's 
impossible to guess what might be going wrong in your setup.

You say you are seeing many EME traces on the waterfall display.  Can 
you send me a relevant screen shot?

	-- Joe, K1JT

On 11/13/2016 8:17 PM, John Carioti wrote:
> I am just starting out in EME and thought it would be nice to have MAP65
> to see stations that I can decode.  I bought an SDRplay receiver, and
> downloaded HDSDR.
> I have followed the tutorials online and have HDSDR talking to MAP65 OK-
> I can see many EME traces on the waterfall display.  The problem is-
> MAP65 crashes with this error everytime it decodes (or tries to decode)
> a signal:
> Fortran runtime error: bad value during floating point read
> I did research and thought that checking "decode EME calls only" would
> help, but it doesn't.  I have tried many different settings with HDSDR
> and MAP65, but still crashing with the Fortran error.
> WSJT at the same time will decode 100% no problem.
> Does anyone have any idea what might be happening?  Any help would be
> greatly appreciated.
> In the mean time, I am still QRV with just WSJT, everything works fine.
> 73- John K2ZJ
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