[Moon-Net] 24 GHz AW

vlada vlada.masek at volny.cz
Mon Nov 14 12:01:26 CET 2016

Hi Willi,
surprisingly we got just opposite. Bad WX Saturday and frosty, but sunny on Sunday.
Moon perigee and quite low spreading observed on most signals allowed a lot of CW QSOs.
We made 11 CW and also 6 JT4F QSOs, almost only to have both CW&digi/station, hi.
Moreover, we several times called IK2RTI with good signal, but CWNR al the time.
We think it was quite succesfull AW.
Hopefully it could raise up a bit the dying activity on 24GHz.
Tnx for participation !
73 & GL,
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> Od: "Willi Bauer" <wbauer at pt.lu>
> Komu: "'vlada'" <vlada.masek at volny.cz>
> Datum: 14.11.2016 11:41
> Předmět: 24 GHz AW
Hi Vlada and .......Club
TNX for organizing the AW 24GHz. I made
5 QSO on Saturday in CW and I planed to be QRV also on 
Sunday but WX was to bad with rain and wind.
73 TNX again for your organization.

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