[Moon-Net] Geometric (Spatial) polarization calculator?

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Spatial polarization is a function of the moon's altitude and azimuth at each end of the path, so it does change with time and the change can be significant in some cases. For stations in the right (wrong) locations and long paths it can change by 90 degrees in a singe moon pass. For short paths the value is low and doesn't change much.


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Hi Bob:

I haven't spent much time looking at that value but have a (perhaps) un-informed question:  Are you sure that that value has a functional relation to the position of the moon (time?)  My impression was it was simply the spherical geometry of the two earth locations.   Forgive my ignorance.


On 11/11/2016 2:20 PM, Bob Atkins wrote:

Is there a program which will show the geometric (spatial) polarization rotation between two stations and allow you to easily  go forward and backward in time to see how it changes?  I know WSJT does the calculation at the current time. EMECalc SkyMap allows you to scroll backwards and forwards in time, but only shows moon data (alt/ez etc.) for the home station. I saw a reference somewhere that said EMECalc displays spatial polarization, but if it does I haven't found it.

The Astronomical Data window of WSJT does display the info but I don't see any easy way to scroll backwards and forwards in time like you can in the EMECalc Skymap.

What would be really nice would be a map of the world you could click on to set your location and which would then calculate a contour (color coded?) map showing spatial polarization across the hemisphere that could see the moon - and shift backwards and forwards in time -  but that's almost certainly wishing for too much!



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