[Moon-Net] Geometric (Spatial) polarization calculator?

Curt Nixon radio.ku8l at gmail.com
Fri Nov 11 21:23:53 CET 2016

Hi Bob:

I haven't spent much time looking at that value but have a (perhaps) 
un-informed question:  Are you sure that that value has a functional 
relation to the position of the moon (time?)  My impression was it was 
simply the spherical geometry of the two earth locations. Forgive my 


On 11/11/2016 2:20 PM, Bob Atkins wrote:
> Is there a program which will show the geometric (spatial) 
> polarization rotation between two stations and allow you to easily  go 
> forward and backward in time to see how it changes?  I know WSJT does 
> the calculation at the current time. EMECalc SkyMap allows you to 
> scroll backwards and forwards in time, but only shows moon data 
> (alt/ez etc.) for the home station. I saw a reference somewhere that 
> said EMECalc displays spatial polarization, but if it does I haven't 
> found it.
> The Astronomical Data window of WSJT does display the info but I don't 
> see any easy way to scroll backwards and forwards in time like you can 
> in the EMECalc Skymap.
> What would be really nice would be a map of the world you could click 
> on to set your location and which would then calculate a contour 
> (color coded?) map showing spatial polarization across the hemisphere 
> that could see the moon - and shift backwards and forwards in time -  
> but that's almost certainly wishing for too much!
> Bob
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