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Below PA is still available and looking for a good home. Transportation cost to most main cities in europe should be circa €200.

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Θέμα: 23cm PA for Sale

Hi All,

I have for sale a PA for 23cm made by Marko LZ2US, using TH327.

The PA is practically unused and has never transmited. It was part of my project of setting up a 23cm eme station at my summer QTH but I have no time to be there at all but 1 week per year, so it was never completed. It is not worth having it there and never using it so i decided to give it a way.

Here are the specs:


Tube :TH 327

Freq :1296MHZ

Output : >2000 Wattas

Gain App. :9dB

Efficiency App. :32% linear Mode

Voltage :220-240 Volt

Size :65x33x30cm

Weight :45Kgs


Voltage :3 phase 380-405 VAC

Size :48x42x22cm

Weight :60Kgs

Will be delivered in a wooden box.

I am asking Euro 1,000 + shipping from Athens to anywhere you like, preferably within EU. If there is a good home for this nice PA, please email me direct.

Pictures are available upon request.



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