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Rick. most of us use sun noise for az and el calibration. 
Gerald K5GW
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Since my antennas are on my roof it is difficult for me to know  precisely 
if I'm pointing correctly with the Yaesu 5400 rotor. I can't trust  myself 
to get on the roof in the middle of the night though I suppose I could  when 
the moon is visible in the daylight. I'm not sure though if I adjusted  
things they would hold position for the next days and months. Should I figure  
out a way to put some sort of camera on the boom - WIFI, USB? USB would not  
work because it would exceed 16 feet by quite a bit to get it in the shack.  
Suggestions for this newbie would be appreciated as so far all I'm hearing  
seems to be local tropo.  

Rick,  W2JAZ

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