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To amplify Leif's comments on Linux there is a very nice package called CrossOver, which is a commercial implementation of the open source Wine package.  So far my experiments seem to show that it will run most Window programs. It has 100's of proven   ports and I have managed to make a rather complex package run by just telling the "loader" to run the executable. 

Might be worth looking at

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> On Nov 9, 2016, at 20:53, Leif Asbrink <leif at sm5bsz.com> wrote:
> Hello Ivan,
>> I have probably similar configuration as you describe with IQ+ running with 
>> MAYA44 into Linrad and MAP65.
> .
> .
>> I  upgraded MAYA44 drivers, but it mixed up the Linrad soundcards 
>> configuration, that I shall be forced to configure Linrad
>> completely from the beginning.
> NO!!!!
> You just have to go to the U menu and select the proper soundcard
> by the new device number it has been changed to - and then select
> the output soundcard again. Everything else will be unaffected
> so "completely from the beginning." is not what you need to do.
> Win 10 is problematic in several ways. Microsoft decided to not
> bother its users with confusing informnation so now things just "happen"
> with no info to the user. My attempts to upgrade FAIL. (Win 10 
> tries by default) but there is no error information. I suspect 
> that the reason is that I have Win10 on a multi-boot system.
> I think Win10 is a better OS (better sceduler) than previous systems,
> but I advice staying away from it if you can - for the time being.
> The way Win10 manages drivers and software versions is unacceptable
> to users of non-commercial software (not paying fees to Microsoft.)
> This is an example:
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsh_hU6ARDc
> Maybe I am ignorant, please correct me if you know, but to me
> the efforts from Microsoft seem to make somewhat difficult things
> really difficult - or impossible.
> Personal opinion: If you ever experience a problem while running
> Windows (and that implicates Win10) I suggest you convert your
> system to multiboot and install a modern Linux. The problems
> would disappear and you would get a better CPU usage. Linux with
> X11 is not much different from Windows. Linux can also be run in
> terminal mode which is a big advantage on low grade systems like
> Raspberry Pi2 or Pentium III.
> I was unaware of the speed changes in Win10. 44.1 vs 96 kHz. There is
> a mailing list where I expect such problems to be reported:
> http://groups-beta.google.com/group/linrad 
> I have seen nothing about this problem yet. There are several simple
> tests to do to nail down the reason for this problem. (It has to be a
> silly reason. Maybe Win10 remembers something and linrad does not 
> know how to force "clear memory". I do not know, but I need to be able
> to reproduce problems to be able to search for cures.
> 73
> Leif
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