[Moon-Net] Elevation Angle Sensor

Simon Lewis gm4plm at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 9 22:51:05 CET 2016

Conrad – that’s interesting device

Whats the resolution on it?



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I found exactly the same as Simon. Furthermore when the battery is not optimum the unit generates noise on 2m. I had a screened metal case and 25m of CAT6 cable with screened connectors. I am now using one of these:


It is superb, no disturbance with QRO and absolutely no noise. I recommend it for any system that uses an ADC input. When I eventually get going on microwave EME with a dish I will probably use a pulse counter based system like everyone else. Unlike Sam I did not experience slow acquisition times.


Conrad PA5Y

On 09/11/2016 20:06, Simon Lewis wrote:
I have used one of these on my VHF array.

I extended the cable using screened CAT cable to the shack – about 30m

While I was happy with the display itself but the thing was an exercise in frustration.

It does not like high RF fields and no matter what I did in screening the thing in a box, screened cables etc, earthing – it would loose display on TX.

On 144 this was ok as I just moved the array in rx.

Sometimes this RF problem would ‘wipe’ the readout position and I would have to drop the elevator to 0 deg and reset the EL read out.

I went back to use my pulse counter on the screwjack – much more reliable.

YMMV but mines in a box unused now



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Subject: [Moon-Net] Elevation Angle Sensor

There has been many discussions on Moonnet on elevation angle sensors.

I was thinking about getting the Machine DRO Model ME-AN-REM-PEN to give me some elevation feedback on my small dish during overcast conditions.

Part # 5055396108576

This unit come with what looks like a 3 foot Ethernet cable, and appears to have a RJ45 M type connector on each end.

I was wondering if it would be possible to use a 80 foot cable with this sensor?

Has anyone used this sensor, and if so, how well does it work?

Price is low so it make me wonder.

Thank you & 73!

Cowles K4EME

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