[Moon-Net] Elevation Angle Sensor

Cowles Andrus III K4EME candrus at mgwnet.com
Wed Nov 9 18:34:59 CET 2016

There has been many discussions on Moonnet on elevation angle sensors. 

I was thinking about getting the MACHINE DRO MODEL ME-AN-REM-PEN to give
me some elevation feedback on my small dish during overcast conditions. 

Part # 5055396108576 

This unit come with what looks like a 3 foot Ethernet cable, and appears
to have a RJ45 M type connector on each end. 

I was wondering if it would be possible to use a 80 foot cable with this

Has anyone used this sensor, and if so, how well does it work? 

Price is low so it make me wonder. 

Thank you & 73! 

Cowles K4EME

Home page: http://cowlesradio.webs.com/
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