[Moon-Net] USER OF MAYA44 XTe

Ivan Kaitmann ivaknn at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 22:00:43 CET 2016

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Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2016 16:41:09 +0100
From: "Gianni Matteini, IW4ARD" <iw4ard at aririmini.it>
Subject: [Moon-Net] USER OF MAYA44 XTe
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Hello Gianni,
I have probably similar configuration as you describe with IQ+ running with 
MAYA44 into Linrad and MAP65.
I had the same problem about fortnight ago. I wasn't able to decode XT2AFT 
with MAP65, Linrad issued error message, that the
sampling speed of the soundcard is out of the range. The sampling speed was 
continuously changing between 44 kHz and  96kHz.
I suspected virus first, because the PC was unusually slow. I scanned it but 
didn't find any. I avoided Linrad at the end and
I am feeding output from the MAYA44 directly into MAP65 since. MAYA works 
with MAP65 flowless, holding 96kHz sample speed.
I  upgraded MAYA44 drivers, but it mixed up the Linrad soundcards 
configuration, that I shall be forced to configure Linrad
completely from the beginning.
I still do not fully understand what has happened and it is even more 
strange, that something similar happened to you.
I have been running MAP65 with Linrad on the W7 machine since about three 
years, after successful calibration with the
noise generator.

73 Ivan OK1IL

<Hi EMErs',

<All users of MAYA44 XTe, it happens a strange thing.

<My MAP65 with IQ+ is configured with Linrad I often lose the simple rate of
96Khz passes 44.1kHz.

<I'm using Windows 10 with driver for MAYA44 XTe ver 1.20.

<You advice.

<73 by Gianni, IW4ARD

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