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Ville Jussila ville.jussila at gmail.com
Mon Nov 7 13:05:54 CET 2016


About the eme cameras.

I did go with the cheapest possible way to get some camera feed for
calibrating az/el.

I buyed cheap waterproof "inspection/endoscope" camera from ebay/aliexpress
with long USB cable (15M).
Planned / 3D Printed simple mounting structure for camera
Used some  self vulcanizing tape to improve water proofing.

OFC i did forgot to align camera correct way (round pen like camera, and up
is now rotated ~45 degree), so had to make some correction with
ffmpeg/ffserver to fix picture right way. I have also added overlay
crosshair to picture with ffmpeg.

Image quality is quite terrible mainly due the lens.. it is meant to focus
distances like 3cm, not for taking scenery pictures, but it is more than
good enough for this job.

Camera will produce good enough feed when pointed directly to sun and when
pointed to moon.

I have dedicaded spare laptop which i could turn on (remotely) when i need
use camera (otherwise camera is causing some amont of QRM)

System has worked pretty well and it cost about 20e + some time.

Here some pictures from the system, and link for similar endoscope.



Ville Jussila
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