[Moon-Net] Need Help Testing on 2.3GHz

Doug Millar drzarkof56 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 7 06:08:47 CET 2016

Hi, This Thursday local I have a schedule with KL6M for initial testing of my new 2.3GHz EME station. I am looking for other stations who might be able to copy me. 
     The station is as follows: a 7'dish, septum feed, .18db NF preamp and 85watts output. I will be running CW. 
     I appreciate any support. We will start at 0500z Friday, which is 10pm local on Thursday. I will be near 2304.050MHz.   Email me or call if you want to participate. (562 810 3989)    Doug 
 Dr.Doug Millar EdD.
drzarkof56 at yahoo.com
562 810 3989  cell/text

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