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Don Hawbaker donhawbaker at outlook.com
Mon Nov 7 05:09:04 CET 2016

There are several places where you can configure SDR-Radio for packet forwarding.  But there is only one icon marked MAP65.  It appears to do the same thing.  Except there is an arrow head there.  You have to click that arrow head to actually begin the transmission process.  Not available at any of the other configuration locations.  You would think that something that important would be a little more clearly marked!

It is working well now.  Thanks everyone.  73

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> On Nov 6, 2016, at 11:28 AM, "davidredmang4idr at gmail.com" <davidredmang4idr at gmail.com> wrote:
> Don
> Open the MAP65-IQ support icon in the SDR console windows tab ( the icon is 3rd from right and the uppermost of 3 small icons )
> Set the SDR-IQ MAP65 tab to not only the correct port but also correct speed 95268Hz ( mine is set to 95238.095 ) NOT 96kHz by going into Tools / program options UDP forward and this should show MAP65-IQ use if sending to same computer or your local network ip address of the computer you want to send to if MAP65 is on ano pc
> Then look for the MAP-IQ Support tab ( usually on lhs of sdr console ) and set gain to say +20dB and vfo to what you want then click arrow on lhs to start sending i/q data 
> Then in MAP65 set MAP65 setup / Options / I/O devices to network , same port and 95238Hz sample rate 
> Click monitor inn the main MAP65 box and you should be receiving data
> Adjust the gain in SDR console MAP65 to receive a level or 20 to 23dB in MAP65 main box
> The set the MAP65 large waterfall to say 90kHz freq span 4 n av , 5 gain , 23 or whatever gain
> If MAP65 receiving I1 goes green but no signal bars increase the gain in SDR MAP65 support
> If you use the MAP65 NB a setting on the slider towards the lhs should give 0.5 to 1% blanking and a steady ish RX noise level
> Should then work fine
> Dave
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> Hi.
> You should to find MAP65 support window (inside SDR-Radio program) and run
> MAP65 support.
> Also pse check port (by default ,I think, it is different from 50004, pse
> check settings).
> Regards.
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> Thanks for the suggestion.  I found a copy of 1.5, but still no go.  MAP65
> is not receiving data. Will keep researching for a while.  Recheck
> everything, must be something I am missing.
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>> On Nov 5, 2016, at 12:42 PM, Dimitry Borzenko <4z5cp at bezeqint.net> wrote:
>> Hello.
>> You should use older version 1.5 , newer version do not has MAP65 support.
>> Regards. 
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>> The documentation for MAP65 V2.5 says that it will work with SDR-Radio.
>> SDR-Radio is considerably less complicated than LINRAD.  But I have not
> been
>> able to make it work.  I'm using an SDR-IQ which works with SDR-Radio
> V2.3.
>> I gave set up SDR-Radio to send UDP to 50004.  I have set up MAP65 to
>> receive same.
>> But instead of a connection, the receiving indicator just flickers every
> few
>> seconds.  The receive frequency changes and then jumps around.  There is
> no
>> steady connection like I get with LINRAD (is there a setup manual for 4.10
> -
>> incredibly complicated software, not user friendly?)   There are yellow
>> lines on the waterfall screen.  Sure would like to make this configuration
>> operational.
>> Anybody using this configuration?  Have I missed something?  
>> 73. WA3RGQ
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