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Doug get a water proof camera black & white so you can see the moon during day light . I put mine in a gutted camper's flash light on a piece 3" angle aluminum with a Ubolts mounted on the crossboom. Picture available if you need it
Serge VE1KG
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  I don't think you need telephoto, in fact given that you have to protect from the sun one might be a bit of a problem. One way I've heard of is to use a piece of PVC pipe 1"dia or so to build a sort of shotgun. Unfortunately this means you have to be able to get close to right and then use the camera but....  you may still need some sort of moveable filter for day light use. 

  Good luck and keep us posted


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    I would appreciate any comments on the type of video camera for eme.  I beleive it requires some telephoto lens. I have 2 9el on 2 and 2 21 el on 432 and should be on soon...Doug,W9iix
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