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Bart van der Worp bart at e-worp.nl
Sat Nov 5 15:06:58 CET 2016


I just did subscribe to this reflector and would like to give you a short introduction of myself.

I got my first licence when I was 16 in 1974 and got my callsign in 1976 at my 18th birthday, PE0WOR.
Always very interested in 144 MHz DX and contesting. In the first years of the 80’s we tried to setup an EME station with a couple of friends, but this did not end successfully due to other area’s of interest that came up.

After a long hiatus I did start again with the hobby at 2012, mainly focussed on HF DX and contesting.

This did lead me to the DF0MU contest club where we are setting up a competitive HF contest station. The guy’s of DF0MU also gave me access to their fabulous 144MHz setup that re-infected me with this strange EME virus.… :-)
I did make some EME contacts in August (DL/PA9WOR) and I’m trying to figure out the correct proceedings and tactics for EME contesting during the ongoing ARRL contest with the DF0MU club callsign.

I also would like to get up to date with current technology, hence the subscription here.

Hope to learn a lot here and hope see you ‘on the moon’!

Vy 73, Bart, PA9WOR.

Bart van der Worp
bart at e-worp.nl

Also have a look at my photo-shop:

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