[Moon-Net] You guys are geniuses! Was: high SWR in the rain

Courtney Duncan courtney.duncan.n5bf at gmail.com
Sat Nov 5 04:13:14 CET 2016

My load fail problem got so bad today I decided to go take the feed down and clean it.  There was sign of water seeping around the back but nothing even remotely near the feed point or driven elements.  I cleaned it up anyway and taped up the back end with aluminum foil to prevent more water from getting in there.  Reinstalled, it still works and the return loss is still good.

But the intermittent SWR was still coming and going.  Whoever said it was “always in the coax” was right.  I found evidence of arcing in one of the connectors to an LMR-600 jumper that goes around the rotator.  Water had indeed gotten into that connector.  I cleaned it up, sprayed in contact cleaner for good measure, replaced the jumper, torqued all the connectors, and taped them up to keep future water out.

I realize this isn’a  permanent fix but should last months this time instead of weeks anyway.

Wonder if there are any hams with radomes?  It begins to look attractive

73 and thanks to all for your excellent advice, Courtney, N5BF DM04

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