[Moon-Net] EME Survey

Bob McCormick W1QA EME at W1QA.COM
Fri Nov 4 01:50:59 CET 2016

Some of you may recall that I also did a survey monkey survey a couple of
years ago before the Cambridge conference.  I was interested in not only
activity but what US states were in demand, by band.  I had hoped to provide
that info for the conference that year but I was unable to attend due to
health.  I did also send it to Al for the newsletter; I don't think it ever
got published.  (And I think its probably aged information at this point.)

I'm not sure I'd use contest log submissions (in itself) as an indicator of
much - as I think there are many of us who don't bother sending in logs (but
may actually be on for a contest).  Maybe the number of unique stations
within the submitted logs . would be a more interesting data point.

Lastly - kudos to all the guys who put on EME DXpeditions.  I think if you
looked a who they worked . it would give you another way of seeing how many
people are active, etc.

Bob W1QA

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