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Les i have private emails of people who have the same problem as i have with the IQ+ & MAP65.  i am not alone.
My system is very simple: Preamp to a 90 FT of over kill coax & a Splitter one side goes to IQ+ the other side goes to my 40 years old transceiver. That is it.
My system works VERY well i am just intrigued why MAP65 & IQ+ does not decode as well as WSJT & My 40 years old receiver that is all. 
I will do the test that Leif suggested & i will have a better idea on what is going on.. Some people have added small rf amplifiers to make up for the losses & to get enough gain to the IQ+.
I do not use Linrad it is above my level of comprehension so i accept the fact that i have reached my level of incompetence. Having said that even with my somewhat messy set up as you described it I do not miss too much off the moon.
See you off the moon hopefully
73 Serge VE1KG
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  There is a less costly alternative to running WSJT and Map-65 at the same time, especially in your case where you are horizontal only and can not  take advantage of adaptive polarization.  Right now you are using your Icom for WSJT and the fabulous IQ+ for Map-65 and its  a complicated mess, with a splitter, an addtional relay(?),  and coax  adding additional losses, which requires more gain from the preamp, which you dont have unless you replace it.

  Learning from W3SZ,  I  use my IQ+ to "drive"  both Map-65 and WSJT at the same time using the magic of Linrad and VAC with the help Trackbox for frequency control. No 2nd receiver or additional hardware needed.  



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