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Less costly I agree but unless you are going to always be in call to manage Linrad then it doesn't seem like there is any advantage.  Both Serge and I as you do too have and need the transceiver for transmit and I think we all run Trakbox.  I set frequency by clicking on MAP65 and I transmit from there even if I'm decoding on the TS2K/WSJT side.  It works fine and I have at least 26 db gain including losses.  

Having more antenna gain of course ahead of the preamp makes the system work better.  I saw the improvement when I went from the 2 M2's to the 4 LFA's and now back to the 2 JXX antennas though the latter work very well. 


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> On Nov 3, 2016, at 3:22 PM, Les Listwa <llistwa at gmail.com> wrote:
> Serge,
> There is a less costly alternative to running WSJT and Map-65 at the same time, especially in your case where you are horizontal only and can not  take advantage of adaptive polarization.  Right now you are using your Icom for WSJT and the fabulous IQ+ for Map-65 and its  a complicated mess, with a splitter, an addtional relay(?),  and coax  adding additional losses, which requires more gain from the preamp, which you dont have unless you replace it.
> Learning from W3SZ,  I  use my IQ+ to "drive"  both Map-65 and WSJT at the same time using the magic of Linrad and VAC with the help Trackbox for frequency control. No 2nd receiver or additional hardware needed.  
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> Les
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