[Moon-Net] EME Survey

Bob Atkins ka1gt at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 3 20:33:33 CET 2016

There seem to have been a number of questions here about which bands have most activity. Results from the ARRL 2015 EME contest suggest 144 has most activity, followed by 1296, then 432, with 3825 QSOs on 144, 2704 QSOs on 1296 and 712 QSOs on 432. In contrast, the DUBUS 2015 contest had 41 entries on 1296, 23 entries on 2320, 16 entries on 432 and only 8 entries on 144. Quite a difference.

To get another data point I've put together a brief (6 question) survey which you can find at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/MSNS9CP

It asks which bands you are on, which bands you use the most, how often you operate, what modes you use and a couple of questions about your antenna system.

It will just be another data point ( a sub sample of stations who read this newsgroup). I'll post the results here and on my website and you can see a snapshot of the results after you complete the survay.

The survey is anonymous, you aren't asked for your callsign.



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