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Wed Nov 2 17:38:06 CET 2016

Hello Folks over the years folks have been telling me I need at least 26db at the input of the IQ+ i only have at the most 20db & the IQ+ rarely decodes below -28db. I am using WSJT7 as well which decodes more often than the IQ+ but NOT ALL THE TIME.
So on the same computer i have the IQ+ with delta 44 & WSJT with the signalink sound card to receive & who ever decodes first i TX with & it is OK. I could put an extra preamp in line before the splitter but then i would need probably a 15 to 20db attenuator not to overload the IQ+ & WSJT it just does sound practical.
I would like to get feedback from people who use the IQ+.
I have a 26db preamp to 90 feet 1/2" hardline to receive It goes to a splitter so i loose 3db plus the loss in the cable & connectors may be at the most 2 to 3db so i am left with 20db at the input of the IQ+ may be not enough

The eternal question has been for me WHY is WSJT7 decodes lower & more often than the IQ+?????????????
BUT not always. Sometime the IQ+ will out decodes WSJT so i guess you have to have both
Serge VE1KG
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